TXP Commissioning Engineer


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We are looking for TXP COMMISSIONING ENGINEER to our customer company at OL3.


1. During Planning and preparation phase:
- Collaborate with System responsible Engineer in collecting I&C systems relatd testing documentation in COREV-4 reference configuration (e.g. logic diagrams, commissioning instructions, nuclear testing manuals, result record sheets, engineering master documents).
- Prepare testing environment (temp. modification, provisional change, blocking) and applicable test instructions.

2. During Execution phase:
- Primarily support System Engineer in post COREV-4 outage project phase and thus reinforce TXP team re-testing abilities.
- Initiate I&C system isolation process (blocking).
- Prepare commissioning document adaptation according to the actual I&C commissioning performance of the scope (under PTT, IT and HSE rules conditions).
- Check and evaluate own I&C system's test reports.
- Review work order requests for own I&C systems and implement needed blockings.
- Troubleshoot and analyse.
- Implement approved changes and requalification tests.
- Manage temporary changes on site and outstanding issues ("open points") for own I&C system.
- Perform on-the-job training to operation and maintenance personnel about own I&C systems.
- Enforce IT security and HSE rules, incl. PTT/PTW processes.

Activities linked to the support of Process Commissioning Engineers (mechanical, HVAC etc.):
A) Reviewing test procedures and defining simulations - scripts and testing tools to be implemented for test execution,
B) Executing tests under supervision of System Commissioning Engineer,
C) Assisting test report preparation, incl. assessment of I&C test outcomes and
D) Supporting troubleshooting activities.

3. During Control and monitoring phase:
- Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting linked to own I&C system.
- Initiate corrective actions in case of deviations.

4. During Closure phase:
- Completing I&C system commissioning activities by
A) issuing approved SCR (System Commissioning Report) and thus closing out phase A pre-operational tests for the I&C system,
B) issuing approved TOTO (Temporary Operation Take Over) certificate and thus finalising the transfer of the l&C system to OIO (Operation Integrated Organization) and
C) closing-out all I&C system open points assigned to I&C Commissioning.

Activities linked to the support of process systems commissioning, that need to be completed:
A) Successfully issuing process SCR (System Commissioning Report) for their TXP I&C system portions and
B) Closing-out all open points assigned to other commissioning branches and involving TXP I&C system.


- Engineer degree, preferably in automation.
- Experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and/or test bay/commissioning based on TXP product line. EPR knowledge is a plus.
- Knowledge of TXP technology – both hardware and software products, and TXP Engineering and Maintenance equipment as well as peripheral testing tools (test bay or during commissioning).
- Ability to establish and/or review TXP system test procedures.

- Good relational and communication skills as well as oral expression and writing skills.
- Excellent analysis/synthesis abilities.
- Ability to work in an international team
- Aware of HSE and IT security aspects.
- Fluent English required. Ability with French, German or Finnish would be a plus.
- Ability to work in shift.

The position will be filled as soon as suitable candidate is found, so please send your CV as soon as possible.
The length of contract is 3 months.


Fabienne Moisy: +358 40 154 9157

Pia Maria Halmkrona-Jylhä: +358 50 3277437

Last day to apply: 27.04.2019


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